4 Tips To Improve Your Paid Search Campaigns For 2016

After you have finished eating all the delicious meals and watched the whole range of bowl games or whatever, it’s finally time to do think seriously about the New Year (which has already started).

So, what have you decided to do this year? Whatever it is, whether a fitness campaign or something else, make sure it’s for the betterment of you or your business. If you have made up your mind to learn and implement the paid searches in your marketing campaign, here are four New Year resolutions to run your campaign successfully.

Clean-up Campaign

There’s no better time to run account clean-up campaign than today. At the same time, you should know what you should keep and which accounts to pause.

So, how would you start?

Begin by pulling out past reports for last 6 months.

Look into the keywords, ad groups and campaigns. You might need a little help from SEO Canada service.

Analyze performance of the keywords and pause the ones that didn’t perform as well as others.

Add new campaigns and ad groups for future.

What to do with the labels?

Label is a way to organize campaigns, but don’t go deep into things for now. Use simple structures to name your labels. Use them later for A/B testing or monitoring your ad campaigns.

  1. Extensions

Are you sure, you’re taking full advantage of ad extensions? How many of the following do you know about?

  • Location extensions
  • Sitelink extensions
  • App extensions
  • Review extensions
  • Structured snippet extensions
  • Callout extensions
  • Automated extensions report
  • Call extensions

Structured snippet extension is the latest addition in the list. It allows you to identify information and its type so that you can place it on your website according to the preferences of your customers.

What are the benefits of extensions?

  • Potential customers can view the header – brand, model and styles, and they can preview your products. This makes it easier for them to decide whether to go for it or leave it.
  • Customers can get relevant information about your ads in less time.
  • Extensions also add value to the quality advertising of your products.

All of it means that you should have a solid extension strategy this year. You should understand the importance of each for your business and which ones are proving better than others. Don’t forget to monitor them regularly, since Google has already mentioned a lot about them last year.

  1. Mobile Paid Search

You’ve heard it thousand times, “2015 was the year of mobile”, but what you haven’t heard is, “2016 is the year for mobile advertising”. Why?

Look at this report from eMarketer. It says, spending on mobile spending reached $100 billion last year. We know that more than 80% of the entire searches have been performed on cell phones these days. So, it’s high time for you to spend on mobile advertisement.

  1. Think About Remarketing

This year, predictive marketing will have the lion’s share. You have to figure out where your customers are so that you can throw your ads to them.

Consider remarketing, because it helps retarget those who landed on your website in the past. It also helps attract new customers. To make your ad campaigns effective, make a dynamic remarketing campaign based on the search history of your website.

You can easily set up a remarketing campaign, then use the audience data to come up with impressive strategies.


These resolutions will definitely motivate you to revise and improve your paid search campaigns according to the demands of 2016.