A Hidden Golf and Family Destination

Recently I decided to take up golf from a friend. He owns a Calgary hardwood floor refinishing company called Woodfellow Flooring. He must be doing well with his business to be able to play as much golf as he can because he is hooked and there is no way he can play as much golf as he can and work a lot MB2-717 test.

I’m not jealous, I swear! I am extremely thankful he introduced me to golf because I am hooked to. That and it gives me an excuse to get away from my family for a few hours a week.

But I love my family and like to take them on holidays. So when I sold my Victoria Insulation Contactors company called Polar Home, I thought my family and I could celebrate by heading to the Algarve of Portugal.

We normally go on holidays to North American cities because they are cheap. Since I sold my business I wanted to do something bigger and go to another country to give my kids a different experience.

We decided that the Algarve of Portugal had enough stuff to do for the kids, had plenty of great restaurants and lots of golf for me of course!

It worked out great because we stayed at the Vila Sol resort. It had lots of activities for the kids to do. And it was close to the downtown area where all the restaurants are located.

Of course it helped that the resort had 8 golf courses within a 15 minute radius. How could I balance the family time and golf? Easy. I played courses like Monte Rei, Sao Lorenzo, Villamoura Old and Vila Sol early in the mornings. So I finished my rounds by the time my family was up and having breakfast.

Now you think that travelling that far would be expensive. It’s really not. Our airfare was only a $150 more than heading to Scottsdale Arizona which is were we normally go for family vacations. It was cheap because of the great intercontinental flight deals from companies like Ryan Air and British Airways. All you need to do is get to London Heathrow and find a flight to Faro.

So if you have kids, like great food and amazing golf, head to the Algarve region of Portugal and more info MB2-718 test. It’s far better than any North American golf destination and doesn’t require much more money to visit it.