Various Oral Fluid Drug Testing Techniques

There are several techniques that can be used in order to detect drug abuse but the oral fluid drug testing technique is the most common of all. Many government agencies and private organizations make use of this testing technique as a part of their employment process to hire individuals free from this harmful addiction. Moreover, military, police and drug rehabilitation centers also make use of this drug testing technique to check for drug abuse.

The oral fluid drug tests are common because of plethora of reasons. It gives instant results, no privacy concerns involved, hard to fake the samples and detect a number of drugs with a single sample are a few of the reasons why this testing technique is preferred over the others.


Various Oral Fluid Drug Testing Techniques:

Oral fluid drug testing involves the use of oral fluids to detect the presence of drug traces. The kit shows colored line if the drug traces are not found in the sample or the absence of colored line if there is drug abuse. Let us discuss two of the common oral fluid drug testing techniques used:

  1. Saliva Drug Testing:

Saliva drug testing makes use of the individual’s saliva to detect the presence of drug substances in the sample. Saliva drug tests give instant results in just a few minutes plus the results are hard to corrupt that is why it is most commonly used. Moreover, saliva drug tests are easy to implement in the workplaces, schools institutes, police departments and at home. Saliva drug test kits can detect a number of drugs at a time with a single saliva sample. You can detect opiates, cocaine, amphetamine, marijuana, hashish, etc. with the saliva drug test. In saliva drug testing, a swab of cotton is rolled in the mouth to get the sample and is tested in the kit.

  1. Sweat Drug Testing:

In this type of drug testing, patches are used to collect the sample of individual’s sweat for drug testing. It takes almost two weeks to collect the appropriate amount of sample for testing purposes. The patches are sent to the laboratory for testing and the results can be examined instantly. Some security features are inserted into the patches so it detects surreptitious removal and reattachment of the patches. But this type of testing is tough and so the saliva drug testing is the most demanding one.